About Us​

Founded in 2014, Gemluce is a Hong Kong based pioneer in the LED Jewelry lighting market in Asia. Ms. Deborah E Maghnagi and Mr. Michael Monsonego recognized the eagerness of jewelry shop owners to look for supreme quality jewelry lighting solutions. With their profound knowledge of design and lighting, Deborah and Michael intend to design and manufacture lights that make jewelry look amazing.

A joint venture between Luminostri Lighting Designers and Forma Lighting, Gemluce is an innovative and specialist lighting company with over 40 years of lighting technology, manufacturing, and lighting design experience within the worldwide retail, jewelry, and commercial industries. In 2017, Gemluce has its first showroom office set up in QuarryBay HK, where customers can visit by appointment to exchange ideas and experience the amazing lighting effect.

We look forward to continued expansion in the market with high-quality design, product, and service.


Luxury Jewelry Retail

Take advantage of tunable white LED lighting to set the ambiance, to draw shoppers in, to keep customers focused, to guide visitors throughout the store, and also, to save money.


If you need assistance or have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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