Mini Track Spotlight

GemSpot -
A Miniature Spotlight

An ideal spotlight designed to revolutionize jewellery showcase and display lighting 

Enhancing Jewellery Display

GemSpot meets all the complex architectural lighting requirements by providing impressive light performance. Furthermore, it offers ease-of-use, thanks to its simple installation & integrated magnetic system for mounting accessories.

Easy Zoom & Dim Control

GemSpot is a distinctive, fully adjustable spotlight that features an onboard beam angle adjustment (8-80°) to resolve the most complex focal points & onboard dimming control (1-100%) to adjust the light’s intensity while remaining invisible from the short distances.

Why choose us?

Over 40 Years of Experiecne

Over 40 years of lighting technology, manufacturing and lighting design experience within the worldwide retail & jewelry industries


We optimize our LED lumminiares, performance, durability & efficiency.

Design & technology

We focus on compatibility with & implementrioan if new technology that truelly delivers


Always considering the design quality, engiiineering value & industry innovations.

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