Jewelry Lighting

Our jewelry lighting solutions are designed to enhance the
beauty of your precious pieces while providing optimal visibility.

About Us

Founded in 2014, Gemluce is a Hong Kong-based pioneer in the LED Jewelry lighting market in Asia. Gemluce is a state-of-the-art lighting company with 30 years of combined international experience in marketing, jewelry, and lighting technology.

A joint venture between Luminostri Lighting Designers and Forma Lighting, Gemluce not only gives you the high quality product but is able to work with their customers budgets and timeframes to give them the results most suitable for them.

Brand That Trust Us

Why choose us?

Over 40 Years of Experiecne

Over 40 years of lighting technology, manufacturing and lighting design experience within the worldwide retail & jewelry industries


We optimize our LED lumminiares, performance, durability & efficiency.

Design & technology

We focus on compatibility with & implementrioan if new technology that truelly delivers


Always considering the design quality, engiiineering value & industry innovations.

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